Frequently asked questions

Below you can find most frequent tattoo question. If you cant find answer below please contact us over contact page.

How to take care of fresh tattoo?

After completing tattoo process, the tattoo artist will protect your tattoo from external influences with a napkin and foil. Carry the foil for 3 hours, then wash it with alcohol free soap. After that, pick up the water with a napkin or towel, gently flicker, do not rub it. Wait for half an hour to skin naturally dries and put a thin layer of cream. Our recommendation is to use panthenol based products and always choose the cream. Repeat this procedure at least in the morning and in the evening. If you notice that tattoo is dry, it is enough to put a thin layer of cream, but do not overdo the layers.

How long tattoo healing process lasts?

The healing process lasts about 10 days and during this period you must take care of the tattoo in an above-mentioned way. During the healing of tattoo, you should avoid pre-sweating, every kind of training, sun, public baths, saunas, solarium, etc., because they can affect the healing process and may also lead to an infection.

How can I book an appointment for tattoo or piercing?

You can schedule an appointment via our FB page, Instagram profile, email addresses [email protected], contact page, or by phone +381659420956. We advise you to take a look at the works of our artists and think carefully about who will tattoo you because each of us has a different style. Of course, we will advise you and help in this decision. If it is a minor tattoo we can make an agreement of the motif, size, price and appointment by phone or social networks. But if it’s about bigger motifs and projects, it is necessary to come to the studio for consultation with an artist who will tattoo you.

What is the cost of tattooing in your studio?

The initial tattoo price in our studio is 30e and this price is generally valid for letters, smaller symbols, etc. The prices of larger tattoos depend on style of tattooing, complexity of the motif and the size. Also, tattoos in color are always more expensive than those in black and grey because they require more time to create.

Cost of piercing

Prices of piercing range between 20 and 40e, the price includes embroidery jewelry.

I am younger than 18 years, can I get a tattoo in your studio?

Under the law of the Republic of Serbia, you must be older than 18 years to be tattooed. If you are under the age of 18, you need a presence of one parent.

Tattoo cover-ups

First, you need to schedule a consultation appointment. After that, we will assess is it possible to cover up your old tattoo. In some cases, we advise our clients to go for a surgical removal of the tattoo by a laser or some other method, and when the tattoo is sufficiently faded, we can make a new motif. Usually, the motifs for cover-up are twice as larger than tattoo to be covered. Cover up is always more expensive than tattooing on clean skin because it takes more time.

What after healing?

After healing it is necessary from time to time to hydrate your tattoo with body lotion especially if you have dry skin. You should be noted that the sun is the biggest enemy of your tattoos. The sun’s rays affect intensity of tattoos and if your tattoo is often exposed to strong sun, the pigment may fade. So, you need to protect the tattoo with suncream with high UV  factors, 50 or 60. Take care of your tattoos even after process of healing is finished. 🙂